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Pre-Conception Sanskar

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Pre-Conception Sanskar

Garbhsanskar Though an Ayurvedic Terminology, It Is Fully Attached With Scientific Approch.

Determining prakriti (body constitution) of both the parents after proper examination and to get aquainted with their medical history if any. Beej shuddhi (shodhan sanskar) by panchakarma so that ovum (matru beej) and sperm (pitru beej) are in its best & purest form and devoid of any abnormalities or genetic disorders. Treatment for any associated ailments which can cause interruption in conception. Treatment for conceiving physically, mentally and emotionally healthy offspring. This can be achieved by panchakarma, rasayan (rejuvination) and vajikar (aphrodisiac) medicines. Pre conception sanskar also includes associated treatments which enhance the internal environment in the womb like uttar basti, yog basti, pichu dharan, dietary guidance, yoga, exercise and meditation etc.


  • Counselling
  • Prakriti Parikshan
  • Investigation
  • Diet Modification
  • “Beej Shuddhi” - Detoxification of Ovum and Sperm by Panchkarma Therapy
  • Yog Basti & Uttar Basti for Nourishment of Reproductive Organs
  • Medication Which Increase Quality of Sperm and Ovum
  • Garbhadhan Paricharya
  • Garbhadhan Sanskar
  • Yoga and Meditation


  • Removes imbalances in the sperm and ova.
  • Improve physical and mental strength of both partners.
  • Create divine environment for successful intercourse.
  • Enhance probability of Natural Conception & implantation.
  • Detoxification at cellular level helps prevent genetic abnormalities.
  • Maximizing The Gains For Maternal And Child Health.
  • Reduce Possibility of Genetic Mutation and Abortions.

Post Conception Sanskar

After pregnancy Garbhsanskar play an important role for physically, mentally and a spiritually fit baby.

Various type of activities, positive thinking, behavior during pregnancy, reading good books, mental activities, play an important role to get the desired child like healthy, religious, expert in maths, singer, smart looking etc.

According to the burning desire of the parents, about quality of baby, all schedule, activity, diet, reading, yoga, pranayam, is advised to mother.

If parents or mother follows all instructions they will definitely get qualities in his/her child.

Post Conception Garbhsanskar