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We in many ways live in a world cocooned by comforts, luxuries, and abundance that most of our ancestors didn’t even dream of. This very luxuries of modern life have also become vices that tie us to our sedentary lifestyles. Nowhere is it more obvious than in the diets most of us have resigned ourselves to. Obesity’ is growing in much of world. obesity has negative impact on health and quality of life. ‘Obesity’ is considered the world’s oldest metabolic disorder. It not single disease entity but a syndrome with many causes including combination of genetic, nutritional and sociological factors .Today the global obesity rate stands at a whopping 30%. Yes, almost 30% of us are either obese or dangerously overweight. Obesity of course opens the door to a whole host of mental and physical ailments that can prove fatal. Obesity is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, some types of cancers, arthritis and kidney diseases. While we in the modern world grapple with the consequences of gluttony, Ayurveda had already laid down the groundwork to achieve a fit body with the help of Ayurvedic Diet Medicines & Treatments. We at Redstone provide solutions for weight loss or weight gain with our expert Ayurevedacharya.

Weight Management

Treatment for Weight Management

Prakruti Parikshan

Prakriti Parikshan

Prakriti analysis is ayurveda's unique way of determining a body type (pitta, vatta and kapha) so that diet and treatment can be determined to balance Prakriti.

Aptarpan Chikitsa

Aptarpan Chikitsa (for Weight loss)

Aptarpan Chikitsa has two types Shaman Chikitsa and Shodhan Chikitsa, in which combination of Ayurevdic diet, exercise, medicine and some of the Panchkarma Treatments like Lekhaniya Basti, Dipan, Pachan, Virechan, Langan etc. are executed for Weight loss.

Santarpan Chikitsa

Santarpan Chikitsa (To Increase Strength & Weight)

Santarpan Chikitsa is based on two factors, correction of Agni (digestive power​) and nourishment of Dhatu in which combination of Ayurevdic diet, exercise, medicine and some of the Panchkarma Treatments like Sneh Basti, Dipan, Pachan, Sneh Pan etc. are executed to increase Strength & Weight.


  • Can Regulate Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Weight Loss Without Side Effects.
  • Improve Digestive System.
  • Prevent High Risk Disease Because Of Abnormal BMI.
Redstone Ayurveda
  • Increase Immunity, Overcome Sleep Disorder.
  • Improve Sexual Performance.
  • Balances Hormones. Reduce Stress Level.
  • Improve Confidence.