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Garbhsanskar or Educating Fetus In the Womb

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Garbhsanskar or Educating Fetus  In the Womb

Garbhsanskar or Educating Fetus In the Womb

30 December, 2021

Parents want the best for their child’s physical and mental health, a healthy pregnancy is more important to the baby’s well-being after birth too.

 In ayurvedic science, garbhsanskar has gained popularity for the mental and physical development of the baby.


What is Garbhsanskar?

The word garbh in Sanskrit refers to a fetus in the womb, and sanskar means the education of the mind. So, the meaning of garbhsanskar is the process of educating the mind of the unborn baby.

At the time of pregnancy child’s development starts in the womb, it can be influenced by the mother’s emotional state while she carries the baby.

As evidenced by stories of how Garbhsanskar had a very positive effect on mythological characters like Abhimanyu, Astabakra, and Prahlad who were enlightened in their mother’s womb.

Garbhsanskar keep your mind in a good state spiritually and emotionally for the healthy growth of the child.


When to start Garbhsanskar?

·      Garbhsanskar is not only about taking care during pregnancy but about starting preparations at 3 months before conception.

·      It will cover pre-conception planning, pregnancy as well as the breastfeeding phase, guiding parents until the child is about 2 years old.

Activities during garbhsanskar

·      Eating healthy

·      Think positive

·      Practicing yoga and some light exercise

·      Listening to lightning music 

·      Reading ‘Dharmik’ or spiritual books

·      Relaxed mind and stay happy

Garbh sanskar helps us to understand well-scheduled pregnancy. Through this education, a pregnant woman learns the way to give a mentally and physically healthy child.

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