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Nasyam Treatment

Nasyam is an ayurvedic treatment which aimed at purifying the head region and nasal passages thereby eliminating Headaches, Migraine and Sinus related disorders. The entry point of nasyam treatment are the nostrils which are considered as the doorway to t brain.


In Nasyam Panchkarma therapy, the herbal oils, medicated powder, and Ayurvedic formulations that are delivered through the nostrils are absorbed by the blood vessels and make their way into the circulatory system.


Benefits of Nasyam

Detoxification of the body by administering oil through the nasal passage during the Nasyam therapy has a lot of benefits (like the ones mentioned below) as the body is free of toxins accumulated in the throat, nose, and head. Nasyam:


·       Effectively treats headaches, migraine, and conditions like cervical spondylosis.

·       Strengthens the immune system and the sense organs.

·       Stimulates the centers of the brain that regulate emotions and relieves stress.

·       Improves skin complexion, hair health, and texture, and prevents premature greying.

·       Nasyam benefits brain function and may help in the management of paralysis.

·       Helps in the treatment of disorders that occur with age like muscle and joint pain.

·       Enhances the sense organs’ activity and protects the individual from brain diseases.

·       Smoothens your nasal passage; treats nasal allergies and polyps.

·       Removes toxins from the head and neck area.

·       Prevents goiter, tonsillitis, and motor disorders.

·       Alleviates chronic pain.

·       Cures insomnia.

·       Prevents aging and thereby graying of hair.

·       Relieves from pain in the ear, head, and throat.

·       Relieves tension from the neck and shoulder region.

·       Relieves from toothache and other dental problems.

·       Other conditions that Nasyam therapy helps with include hemiplegia, paraplegia, diseases of the eyelid, Multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.


Who is eligible for Nasyam therapy?

Anyone can go for Nasyam therapy to get rid of disorders affecting the region above the shoulder, such as ear or throat pain, migraines, etc. People looking to detoxify and cleanse their skin will also be benefited from the therapy.

Who is not eligible for Nasyam therapy?

Individuals suffering from a serious or chronic illness shouldn’t opt for Nasyam therapy. Besides, Nasyam therapy is also not recommended for pregnant women, during menstruation, or after asthma or heart attack.

You must also avoid undergoing Nasya treatment therapy sessions if you suffer from serious health disorders or any form of infectious disease.


Are there any side-effects of the therapy?

Nasyam therapy is a safe and effective Ayurvedic treatment with no side effects. However, you may experience a burning sensation in the throat when the oil goes down through the nostrils. These symptoms are not serious and go away after a while.




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