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Why to choose Ayurveda for Wellness

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Why to choose Ayurveda for Wellness

Why to choose Ayurveda for Wellness

29 April, 2022

Ayurveda, the science of life, is the oldest and traditional Indian science of health care. Though India can be proud to be known as origin for ayurveda, many other parts of the world have realized its huge benefits and follow it as an alternative health practice.   

In the present-day circumstances, several bad factors play a major role in deteriorating our health. Hectic lifestyle plays havoc in inducing stressful conditions and leading to numerous health problems. Irregular eating habits and accumulation of toxins causes extensive damage to body and mind. Improper sleep due to anxiety and stress levels saps body energy. Postural issues due to work conditions and complete lack of physical activities further deteriorates the situation and results in muscular problems.

All these factors lead to a plunging health graph and in short, the process of aging gets accelerated and the body subjects itself to extensive wear and tear.

What is the solution?
Ayurveda offers solutions to all these problems and as a matter of fact, has the ability to prevent them completely. The relaxation techniques, detoxification programs, and rejuvenating therapies lead to achieve the best possible health condition. Various combinations of therapies and medicines present numerous options for treatment that suits the convenience of the patients.


Holistic approach
Ayurveda approaches holistic way of treatment as it concentrates not only on physical health but also aims in achieving mental, social, and spiritual wellness.


Individual approach
Every individual is different. Ayurveda emphasizes the imbalance in doshas (vatta, pitta, and kapha) as the main reason for occurrence of any disease. A patient’s primary dosha is evaluated to find the quantum of domination of one over the others.


No side effects
Ayurveda uses only natural herbs and it has proved to change millions of lives through its safe procedures. When treated by qualified practitioners, ayurveda offers only benefits as bounty and does not carry any side effects.

Preventive tools
Unlike modern medicines, ayurveda has excellent preventive tools that can very well elaborate the body conditions and predict the possible diseases that you are prone to. This very feature assists greatly in maintain the health in good condition and reduce the chances of occurrence of the predicted ailments.


Detoxification concept
When the body system is filled with toxins, what would be right option? Suppress them with remedial action or flushing out? Ayurveda does not suppress the toxins but flushes them out. In fact, this is the basic concept of detoxification program of ayurveda.


Based on the conditions of the doshas, ayurveda clearly understands the need of each and every individual.


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