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Hair and skin care with ayurveda

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Hair and skin care with ayurveda

Hair and skin care with ayurveda

30 December, 2021

Beauty and health are related. Looking beautiful means having skin that is attractive and healthy and well-nourished. The same is applicable to hair. Beauty has been associated with long and healthy hair. Healthy skin and hair are a reflection of a healthy body. 

Nowadays, Cosmetic products are commonly used by most people but as people are becoming aware of the harmful effects of chemicals every day they have started looking for Ayurveda.

Haircare with Ayurveda

Ayurveda uses the concept of Doshas or principal energies to explain wellness and good health. The three Doshas – Kapha, Vata, and Pitta are present in our bodies.

Based on this concept, Ayurveda defines hair based on the different hair types. These are:

1.   Vata hair: Vata is dry and cool. The dryness of Vata can strip the scalp of moisture and this makes hair dry and rough.

2.   Pitta hair:  pitta is smooth and silky in nature. If Pitta is impaired, it can make the hair thin and lead to premature graying or baldness.

3.   Kapha hair: Kapha type of hair is thick in texture. This type of hair is less porous. It takes more time to dry.

Ayurveda suggests the use of hair oils to nourish the hair. It also recommends herbs to remove toxins and correct imbalances in the body.

Skincare with Ayurveda

The use of oils and cream helps in making the skin radiant. Correcting imbalances and detoxification can also be done using herbal products and other methods. Different skin types:

1.   Vata skin:  Vata type of skin is dry.

2.   Pitta skin: When the Pitta Dosha is more dominant, then the skin type is classified as Pitta skin.

3.   Kapha skin: The skin can be oily in nature.

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