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Increase Immunity with Ayurveda

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Increase Immunity with Ayurveda

Increase Immunity with Ayurveda

19 October, 2021

The immunity system has a special role in the human body. It safeguards the body from germs, harmful substances, and cell changes that can make you unwell.

The immunity system is made up of various proteins, cells, as well as organs. If an immunity system runs smoothly, it makes you healthy, but if the immunity system becomes weak, you will get ill.

The individuals who are having a high risk of re-infection with coronavirus are either old or the ones that didn’t take proper preventive measures to additionally protect their immune system after the recovery

Immunity system with Ayurved

The Ayurvedic view of immunity is based on the concept of inherited reserve and acquired reserve. In the Ayurveda, it is known as 'vyadhi-kshmatva' or 'self-avoidance of disease'. Vyadhi-kshmatva is a combination of two words – Vyadhi + Kshamatva where Vyadhi means 'Disease' or 'Illness' and Kshamatva means 'to resist'.

Redstone Ayurveda helps to increase immunity system with Ayurveda

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Ayurveda defines 3 types of immunity:

1.    Sehaja vyadhi-kshmatva: inherit by birth and is genetic.

2.    Aagantuj vyadhi-kshmatva:  develops when an antigen pervades our body.

3.    Yuktikrit Vyadhi-kshmatva: acquired through a healthy diet, lifestyle, and general well-being.

Ayurveda offers a wide range of immune-boosting herbs that are quite effective to make the immune system stronger.

The digestive fire or Agni is vital to a strong immune system. The immunity of our body is totally under the power of Agni or the digestion process through which the nutrients are absorbed in the body.

Redstone Ayurveda provide different ayurvedic treatment to increase immunity with Ayurved 



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