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Post- Covid Hair Fall Problem solution using Ayurveda

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Post- Covid Hair Fall Problem solution using Ayurveda

Post- Covid Hair Fall Problem solution using Ayurveda

19 October, 2021

Testing negative after a Covid-19 infection is a huge battle won against the deadly virus but, post-Covid complications that hinder complete recovery for a long time.

Many people affected with Covid-19 have experienced increased hair fall.

What causes Post-Covid Hair Fall Problem?

Hair loss happens due to fever because of infection, diet changes, stress due to isolation. Fever or illness can force more hair fall problems. The medical name for this type of hair fall is telogen effluvium.

Most people have post-covid hair fall problems 2-3 months after recovery.

Redstone Ayurveda provides ayurvedic treatment for post-covid hair fall problems.

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Ayurvedic treatment for hair growth is very effective and is of no side effects.

In Ayurveda, it is termed as khalitya if there is increased hair fall. It is classified under Shiroroga. Khalitya is primarily a Pitta predominant tridoshajanya vyadhi. It is divided into the following types.

1.    Vataja Khalitya: scalp (Keshbhoomi) appears as if it is Agnidagdha and it becomes Aruna and Shyava.

2.    Pittaja Khalitya: in this, the color of the scalp appears as Peeta, Neela, and Harita. The scalp is surrounded by the Siras      (veins). Sweat may be found all over the scalp.

3.    Kaphaja Khalitya: in this, the scalp color is more or less of same the color but here it is Ghana and Snigdha in appearance and the color inclines towards a whitish tinge.

4.    Sannipataja or Tridoshaja Khalitya: In this, all the three Doshas characteristics are observed the scalp looks burnt and it bears a

nail-like appearance.

At Redstone Ayurveda, we offer a very effective treatment procedure based on classical Ayurveda for post-covid hair fall problems.



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