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Pre-conception sanskar

The process under ‘Garbh Sanskar’ begins three months before conception.  “Thereafter, 37 weeks of gestation include diet suggestions to the expecting mother.  Garbhsanskar Though an Ayurvedic Terminology, It Is Fully Attached With Scientific Approach.

Pre-conception sanskar helps bestowed with a healthy child, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It is involves cleansing, strengthening, and preparing both mother and father bodies and minds using Panchkarma therapy and lifestyle practices.

If couples want to get the best progeny, Garbh sanskar starts from before conception. It is called Beej Shuddhi it is done to overcome any defect in the ovum and semen and to purify the body (womb) by Panchkarma and medication.

Steps for pre-conception sanskar:

  1. Counseling
  2. Prakriti Parikshan
  3. Investigation
  4. Diet Modification
  5. “Beej Shuddhi” - Detoxification of Ovum and Sperm by Panchkarma Therapy
  6. Yog Basti & Uttar Basti for Nourishment of Reproductive Organs
  7. Medication Which Increase Quality of Sperm and Ovum
  8. Garbhadhan Paricharya
  9. Garbhadhan Sanskar
  10. Yoga and Meditation

A healthy diet and lifestyle are recommended so the couple achieves peak physical and psychological health. The reproductive cells are the most potent cells in the body and need special nourishment.



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