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Weight management with Ayurveda

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Weight management with Ayurveda

Weight management with Ayurveda

09 December, 2021

Weight management with Ayurveda

Everyone wants to look good and be healthy too. But, in this fast lifestyle, many people face the overweight problem. Battling overweight has been a constant struggle.  A person with excess weight may actually be unhealthy.

 Ayurvedic treatment for weight management is holistic and helps you in managing weight in a holistic manner. A traditional treatment program in Ayurveda aimed at weight loss primarily recommends lifestyle changes and appropriate modification in daily diet to improve health along with oral medications that would help in optimizing the metabolism steadily.


What is obesity?

Nowhere is it more obvious than in the diets most of us have resigned ourselves to. Obesity is growing in much of the world. Obesity has a negative impact on health and quality of life. ‘Obesity’ is considered the world’s oldest metabolic disorder.

Aptarpan Chikitsa (for Weight loss):
Aptarpan Chikitsa has two types Shaman Chikitsa and Shodhan Chikitsa, in which combination of Ayurvedic diet, exercise, medicine, and some of the Panchakarma Treatments like Lekhaniya Basti, Dipan, Pachan, Virechan, Langan, etc. are executed for Weight loss.
Santarpan Chikitsa (To Increase Strength & Weight):
Santarpan Chikitsa is based on two factors, correction of Agni that is digestive power and nourishment of Dhatu in which combination of Ayurvedic diet, exercise, medicine, and some of the Panchkarma Treatments like Sneh Basti, Dipan, Pachan, Sneh Pan, etc. are executed to increase Strength & Weight.



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